The connection between sports and gambling

Have you ever realised that when football is mentioned, for some people it acts as a trigger for churning stomach and sweaty palms?

It seems betting on sports is the most distasteful, yet widespread activity among the fans of sports. Apparently, it is profitable for everyone involved in the game, and it is one of the most popular forms of gambling.

Let’s take NFL as an example, it has never been more successful than it is today, the games are aired about three times a week while the league gains huge sums of money just from advertising. Just as casino game lovers in Europe want to know how to play German casino online with bonus features and impressive gameplay, the sports fans seek ways to make money from watching their favourite games. Now, let’s consider the connection between sports and gambling.


Mobile phone applications

Sports fans often make money by betting on the outcome of the various sports events and it is definitely not a new trend. For example, you can put £20 on Liverpool to recover from 3-1 down, place some money on the amount of throw-ins, corners, the colour of the boots that a player will wear, or whether Arsene Wenger will shake hands with Jose Mourinho. All this can be done right from your iPad or mobile phone. With an access to multiple betting platforms, one can easily join the lads with a pint of beer as you share some laughs and make money from the game outcome.


The feel of coolness

A theme that is found to be repeatedly used in most adverts for gambling is how appealing and cool it is. Some use humour, empowerment, female attractiveness, and so on. The minds behind these adverts just take advantage of the availability of betting in current times. It feels so easy to put your money at risk and the persisting adverts and slogans that gambling companies use are more alluring than ever.


Leagues have betting companies’ sponsorship

Imagine that betting companies sponsor seven out of the twenty clubs in the Premier League and we have SkyBet sponsoring the Football League. The UK market for sports betting is estimated at six hundred and fifty million pounds and it keeps growing at a rate of seven percent a year. The popularity of the betting industry can be traced down to its worth and growth.


The involvement of football in boosting gambling

The helpline for problems related to gambling in the UK claims that 34% of the calls they received in 2012 were all about online betting. And betting shops take the second place on this list. In other words, such form of gambling as football betting influences a lot of individuals.

It is for these reasons that sports will not stop thriving and there will always be people ready to place bets. The same applies to the long list of companies that are ready to create the avenues for people to place bets on their favourite sports games. Betting is one of the forms of gambling, so they are closely related and are similar in may ways.

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