The Peripheral: Westworld creators developing new sci-fi series for Amazon

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, creators of the Westworld TV series, are working with Amazon Prime to produce a new sci-fi TV series entitled The Peripheral. This exciting new series will adapt William Gibson’s novel of the same name, which is a mystery thriller set in the near future.

Amazon has ordered a full season’s worth of scripts from Joy and Nolan. If the streaming service likes what it sees in these scripts, the season will go ahead. With Westworld season 3 recently confirmed, it sounds like Joy and Nolan will have a lot on their plates.

The main characters in Gibson’s novel are a woman named Flynne and her brother, Burton. At the behest of Burton (a former marine who suffered brain trauma thanks to some cybernetic implants), Flynne takes a job as a security guard in a virtual world. But when she witnesses what appears to be an actual murder, a twisty plot is set in motion.

Indeed, this sounds like it could make for a very effective, and very high budget, TV series. Amazon already has The Man In The High Castle under its belt, but it does feel like The Peripheral would demand more visual effects than any Amazon original series to date. To compete with the never-ending stream of sci-fi and fantasy series emitting from HBO and Netflix, it seems like Amazon is trying to up its game.

A similar message was sent by the recent news that Amazon has paid big money to pick up some TV rights relating to The Lord Of The Rings.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about these projects.