The Walking Dead Season 9: full trailer arrives online (updated) – SDCC

Water is wet. There are lines at Comic-Con. The characters on The Walking Dead are at each other’s throats again despite the chance to rebuild.

A new trailer for the show’s upcoming ninth season, which promises to include some huge exits from the original cast, was released at San Diego Comic-Con and it doesn’t seem as though the new society is quite as well-oiled as Rick would like us to think.

‘Us’ as the trailer reveals, is actually an incarcerated Negan who Rick is monologuing to. Watch the full trailer below:

That full trailer was preceded by this short teaser, which plays up the in-fighting among the gang…

“We need to start talking about making some rules”, Danai Gurira’s Micchone ominously intones in a conversation with Lauren Cohan’s Maggie. “An agreement between all the communities, like, ‘this is how we treat each other, and this is what happens when we don’t.'”

Micchone and Maggie’s chat is punctuated with shots from around the camp, where some survivors seem to be getting on and others really do not. Noticeably, Norman Reedus’ Daryl swings a fairly massive punch at a fellow not-so-happy camper at one point.

Also, we have heard some significant Walking Dead news this week: Dan Fogler, who plays Jacob in the Fantastic Beasts movies, has signed up for an undisclosed role in The Walking Dead season 9. broke that story, but it might be a while before we learn anything about Fogler’s character.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more The Walking Dead news. The series is expected to return in the fall, and feature a hefty time-jump.