Troy: Fall Of A City has “potential” for a second series

David Farr, the writer of BBC One and Netflix’s Troy: Fall Of A City, says there is “potential” for a second series of the show. Series 1 wrapped up its run earlier this month, so it’s only natural that talk has turned to the show’s chances of returning.

Series 1 adapted Homer’s Iliad, the Ancient Greek poem, into a bloody and highly watchable TV series. The poem has a famous sequel, The Odyssey, which seems like an ideal place to draw inspiration for Troy: Fall Of A City series 2. The plot of The Odyssey sees Odysseus (played by Joseph Mawle in the TV show) making an epic journey back to Ithaca.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Farr had this to say:

“I think there is a very interesting potential for what I’d call aftermath series. It wouldn’t just be The Odyssey, because The Odyssey is a fantasy – it involves things that we’re not dealing with [in Troy: Fall of a City].”

Farr went on to elaborate on the vision he has for series 2, saying, “there is potential for something that combines something of Odysseus’s return with Agamemnon’s return, which is an incredible story, and far more conventionally dramatic.”

Perhaps, then, Farr could loosely adapt The Odyssey, ignoring the fantastical elements, whilst weaving in the story of Johnny Harris’ Agamemnon. We’d certainly watch an “aftermath” series about the survivors of Troy struggling to adapt after the city’s fall.

As it stands, series 2 of Troy: Fall Of A City has not been officially announced. We’ll let you know as we hear more.

Digital Spy