Wayward Pines cancelled, but a new M Night Shyamalan TV series is coming

After two seasons, Fox in the US pulled the plug on the TV show Wayward Pines earlier this week. Fox had the option for a season three of the show, but declined to take it up.

M Night Shyamalan, the man behind the show, had been looking at a further run for the mystery series, but it looks like the story has now stopped. Shyamalan, in the meantime, has been filming his Unbreakable movie sequel, Glass.

And he’s got over the disappointment of the Wayward Pines cancellation too by signing up for another show with Apple TV.

He’s been given a straight ten-episode order for a new thriller TV series, that doesn’t yet have a title. It’s said to be a psychological thriller, for which Shyamalan will direct the first episode. Each episode will be half an hour long,

That’s all that’s known about the show thus far too, with no casting announcement as of yet, just that it exists. For Shyamalan fans, it should at least be some compensation for Wayward Pines’ premature end.