A second series of Trust Me is in development, but will Jodie Whittaker return?

Trust Me episode 3 review

It would appear that there may be a future for Trust Me, even without the star of its first four-episode run. 

Yesterday we sat down with writer Dan Sefton to talk about his work for TV, most notably his new series Porters, which starts today, 1opm on Dave (or you can see it via the channel’s website right now). However, when the conversation turned to his plans for the future, Dan revealed an interesting tidbit about the future of his recent high-profile series, Trust Me.

“We’re talking with the BBC about a follow up to Trust Me. That’s in development, but it won’t be a direct follow-up…”

The reason it won’t be carrying on where his first four episode run finished? The problems that come with picking a leading actress whose profile skyrockets right after you’ve finished shooting your show. While, as we reported yesterday, Sefton was obviously very pleased with Whittaker’s landing of the Doctor Who role, and the increased profile it offered his show, the workload that presents will obviously make returning to Trust Me very difficult.

“It was a great thing,” he told us, “because she’s a fantastic actress. We were obviously hoping we would get her back, but then we realised that that’s obviously not going to be possible.”

While it doesn’t rule out Whittaker’s returning to play Cath Hardacre as some point, it seems that it’s unlikely to be any time soon.

You will be able to read our full interview with Dan in the very near future, and catch Porters on Dave from this evening (it’s well worth it, for Susan Wakoma alone). His second season of Delicious, for Sky One, is also in the pipeline.