Only Fools And Horses may be revived “in different mediums”

Since the death of the show’s writer and creator John Sullivan in 2011, any plans to revive Only Fools & Horses again have been shelved. Save for a special Sports Relief sketch in 2014, the adventures of Del and Rodney ended in 2003.

However, John Sullivan’s son, Jim, has admitted that there may yet be an avenue or two to explore. He told The Mirror that “I’ve always said that Only Fools – the series as we know it – was laid to rest with my dad. However, that is not to say that the show and its characters cannot, and will not, be explored in different mediums”.

What those mediums are he’s not saying – film? Stage? Videogame? – but he did tease that “all I can say at the moment is: watch this space. Is it a question of protecting my father’s legacy? Absolutely – that has always been, and always will be, my priority”.

Jim Sullivan penned that aforementioned Sports Relief sketch, and also the Derek Trotter autobiography, He Who Dares. He also admits to The Mirror that he’s interested in film writing, and doing a sitcom of his own.

David Jason, incidentally, publishes the follow-up to his autobiography this autumn. Entitled Only Fools & Stories, you can pre-order it (and support this site) via this link: