Star Wars: a live action television show is finally coming

For a long time, George Lucas was in development on a live action Star Wars television series, that ultimately came to nothing when he sold his company to Disney.

But Disney has been busy announcing new Star Wars projects, including a trilogy of new films. And we now learn that there’s also going to be a television series too, that’s likely to launch in 2019.

The news was broken by Walt Disney Company CEO during an earnings call to investors. Exact details are thin on the ground at the moment, short of the fact that Disney will want to debut the show via its own streaming service. It’s launching a Netflix rival in the US, and that’ll either enhance or replace the current Disney Life setup in the UK, we’d guess.

Still, more news on this as it comes along, including whether it’ll dig into the many scripts that Lucas oversaw for his own abandoned TV project (around 50 were completed). Still some way to go…