The shows that CBeebies has ordered more series of

The BBC announced yesterday that it had commissioned a host of new shows for CBeebies, including a one-off production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest designed for a pre-school audience. It’s also ordered 20 episodes of Lochside, about adventures in a Scottish village (Balamory, anyone?), 30 episodes of recycling show Junk Rescue and 20 episodes of Baby Club, a show designed to help parents engage with babies and toddlers.

But it also confirmed the return of many ‘favourites’, too (in quotes, dependent on how many times said show is on rotation in your house).

As such, Time For School series 3, Yakka Dee series 2 and 3, Magic Hands series 3, Gigglebiz series 5, Something Special series 12, Go Jetters series 3 and My Petsaurus series 2 have all been picked up.

New episodes of that lot will be headed to CBeebies in the new year.