The Walking Dead will keep deviating from the comics after [spoiler]’s death

The Walking Dead isn’t planning to become more predicatable following the shock death in this season’s premiere, and will continue to deviate from the comics.

Exec producer Greg Nicotero told Digital Spy: “I think if we just did a panel-for-panel remake of the comic book it wouldn’t be very exciting, because then everyone could just say, ‘Oh, this is what’s coming up next! Part of it is deviating from the graphic novel to serve our story and I think it’s safe to say that we embrace those detours.

“Ultimately, there are key moments in the comic book that we want to pay tribute to, and a lot of times they get reworked to fit out format, like with Abraham’s death and Denise – that was modified so we could get to that moment with Glenn and Abraham.”

Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita, added: “I think it’s a balance of staying very honest to the comic book, 2ich is the reason that The Walking Dead was able to make it to TV, and a balance of keeping people on their toes,” Nicotero continued. “I always think that if and when the TV show veers from the comic book, it’s always to better the story not necessarily change the story.”