Legion season 2 trailer: things are about to get weird (again)

Following on from some tough-to-decipher Legion season 2 teaser trailers, we now have something a little bit more substantial to share: the full-length Legion season 2 trailer. This promo proves without question that things won’t be getting any easier for Dan Stevens’ David Haller after he’s removed from that silver floating orb from the end of Legion season 1.

Without further ado, here is the Legion season 2 trailer, in all its zany and baffling glory…

This Legion season 2 trailer kicks off with a line lifted straight from X-Men: Days Of Future Past: “what’s the last thing you remember?” In that 2014 time travel flick, the question was asked by Professor X to Wolverine after the timeline was reset. Here, Jeremie Harris’ memory-themed mutant Ptonomy Wallace asks the question to Legion’s troubled protagonist, David.

From there, the trailer promptly goes off the rails in classic Legion fashion. There is dancing, dramatic dialogue and an onslaught of surreal imagery. Aubrey Plaza’s Shadow King, Jemaine Clement’s Oliver Bird and Rachel Keller’s Syd Barrett all get some memorable moments.

And after all of that, Syd closes out the trailer by explaining to Ptonomy why she still trusts David: “he’s my man”, she says, which is followed by a sinister shot of David smirking.

As for the Legion season 2 UK premiere date: the show will return to FOX on April 17th.