‘Class’ Episode 3 review: ‘Nightvisiting’ has a beautifully macabre premise

After a busy series opener and a slightly less frenetic, if rather gory follow-up, Class settles in to its weekly pattern with ‘Nightvisiting’, which draws its beautifully macabre premise from the notion of the dead returning to visit those left behind.

Despite seeing a fair amount of death on the show already, the episode focused primarily on Tanya (Vivian Oparah) as she received a late night visitation on the second anniversary of her father Jasper’s sudden passing.

Probing her still raw grief, the alien intruder who wore her father’s face spun her a compelling tale of preparing the way and lessening her burden – all the time remaining umbilically attached to Coal Hill’s rip in time. As we pulled back, in a tremendous reveal, we saw that countless homes across Shoreditch were being visited in that same grotesque manner.

Class 1 3 Orla'ath (ANASTASIA HILLE), Miss Quill (KATHERINE KELLY)

Quill (Katherine Kelly) too was confronted by a lost relative. Although she was hostile and deeply suspicious of her “sister”, she remained unable to act until the intruder posed a threat to Charlie. Their conversation revealed a little more of the race’s culture, with talk of their nest and a violent struggle for survival between siblings.

While Ram (Fady Elsayed) was visited by Rachel, his late girlfriend slain by the Shadow Kin, the manifestation provided little more than a fright, and was there to propel him towards April (Sophie Hopkins).

In quieter scenes, welcome amid the intensity of interactions with the monster, we discovered the reason for her mother’s need for a wheelchair and her father’s absence; the latter’s drinking and depression caused him to attempt suicide at the wheel while driving the family.

Class 1 3 April (SOPHIE HOPKINS)

As well as building mutual respect between the pair, they also shared a kiss which seemed to signpost quite obviously where the relationship is headed. Let’s face it, if there is to be another couple on the show, Tanya is fourteen and Charlie is gay (with Matteusz, and an alien), so Ram and April are surely the obvious contenders!

Amongst the grief and sadness, there was another personal development too, as Matteusz (Jordan Renzo) was evicted by his parents – apparently able to tolerate his interest in boys until he actually began seeing one.

Thrown together, he and Charlie (Greg Austin) took their relationship to a physical level and it seems that Matteusz will now be a permanent fixture in the Charlie/Quill household. God help him, but surely this can only be a good thing to help the pair cope with the social niceties and hurdles of modern day human life!


With its insights into grief and a genuinely unpleasant monster concept which was cleverly rendered, this episode of Class appeared to be on another level to what has gone before; although there were great performances across the board, the scenes between Kobna Holdbrook-Smith and Vivian Oparah as reunited father and daughter were simply riveting – and Miss Quill’s inspired use of a London Bus as a blunt instrument was simply the icing on the cake!

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  • Brian_H_

    Another great episode and WOW performance from Katherine Kelly. There was some truly wonderful character moments as well as plenty of thrills. Class so far is proving to be one of this year’s real little treasures of television. Looking forward to more. Best episode to date. 9/10.

  • Dr. Moo


    – The pretitles sequence was really well done, it really got to me.
    – Tanya. Just in general. Not bad for someone who had been (in my opinion) the weak link of the show so far.
    – Miss Quill. It was nice to see her get some backstory and every second she was onscreen was pure gold. Of course she would read The Hunger Games and know how to commandeer a London Bus!
    – April and Ram, does it make me a “shipper” that I love those two together?
    – The resolution wasn’t handwavy or rushed, in a welcome change.
    – The ending. It ended exactly how it had to as Tanya says goodbye to her father and gets her closure after all.

    – Did we really need to see Charlie and Matteuzs going at it? I’m not sure what that added to proceedings and I don’t feel like either of these two characters are particularly interesting compared to everyone else.
    – Everyone forgets about it. Oh how convenient!
    – So Tanya’s being attacked by a plant? I know, let’s stand around outside for ages instead of just going in and helping her!
    – So I guess smashing something with a blunt object doesn’t count as a weapon now? Or does it only not count if that object is a bus? Quill’s sentence is being inconsistently applied.
    – Why does the Lankin reach out to some people but just grab others and tie them in place? I’d have liked some explanation for its inconsistent methods.

    Overall another strong episode. My issues with it were very minor but not quite minor enough for me to ignore them so that’s a 9/10. And that’s the highest score that any of the three episodes so far have got from me. And it’s a big 9/10, about as close as is possible to be to a perfect ten without being one.

  • Namnoot

    Is it really necessary to depict a romance with sex scenes? Really? Do you need to sexually arouse viewers to get them to buy into a romance. Funny, they managed to avoid it with Twelve and Clara in the parent show. I’m still waiting for depiction of LGBTQ romance in TV where they don’t go this route. Very disappointed.

    • Chris Lawson

      I sort of get what you’re saying, although really it’s pretty doubtful that anyone is going to actually find that brief scene sexually arousing. I doubt that they had to take any sort of steps to avoid a similar thing with Twelve and Clara since they didn’t have anything like the sort of relationship that Charlie and Matteusz have.