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‘Argo’ review

Ben Affleck’s latest directorial venture is a masterclass in taut storytelling, tension and genuine full throttle excitement.

‘Savages’ review

Savages tells the tale of two best friends, hard-headed ex-soldier Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and chillaxed Buddhist Ben (Aaron Johnson).

‘The Campaign’ review

The Campaign is an easy if forgettable film to enjoy, but the main principals have all made better films before.

‘ParaNorman’ review

ParaNorman, like its main character, is mature, likeable, and has something to teach us all.

‘Untouchable’ review

Untouchable sees the unfolding of a lasting friendship, with this century’s The Odd Couple navigating love, life, loss and reckless driving.

‘Looper’ review

Looper stands out as one of the year’s smartest, slickest , most WTF-inducing sci-fi films.

‘The Sweeney’ review

Overall, The Sweeney didn’t need to be made, but it’s perfect popcorn fodder as a cop film in its own right.

‘Cockneys vs. Zombies’ review

If you’re a fan of B-movie thrills, people telling zombies to fuck off and OAPs brandishing automatic weapons, Cockneys vs Zombies will not disappoint.