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‘This is 40’ review

Three years on from Funny People, Judd Apatow has returned to the director’s chair with this take on the mid-life crisis.

‘Gangster Squad’ review

Essentially, what we have with Gangster Squad is the gangster genre and its various clichés diluted and boiled down to their purest form.

‘Life of Pi’ review

Heartfelt and joyous and beautiful to look at, Life of Pi is truly a celebration of life.

‘Rise of the Guardians’ review

We’ve all seen films about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, but never has there been a film that involved all three – until now.

‘Gambit’ review

Thankfully at a running time of just 89 minutes, it’s breezy enough for fans of Colin Firth’s legs or Alan Rickman’s general nakedness.

‘Great Expectations’ review

On paper, this sounds a dream: a new big-screen adaptation of one of Dickens’ strongest, most beloved stories, featuring a cast of British heavyweights.

‘Argo’ review

Ben Affleck’s latest directorial venture is a masterclass in taut storytelling, tension and genuine full throttle excitement.

‘Savages’ review

Savages tells the tale of two best friends, hard-headed ex-soldier Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and chillaxed Buddhist Ben (Aaron Johnson).