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‘Looper’ review

Looper stands out as one of the year’s smartest, slickest , most WTF-inducing sci-fi films.

‘The Sweeney’ review

Overall, The Sweeney didn’t need to be made, but it’s perfect popcorn fodder as a cop film in its own right.

‘Cockneys vs. Zombies’ review

If you’re a fan of B-movie thrills, people telling zombies to fuck off and OAPs brandishing automatic weapons, Cockneys vs Zombies will not disappoint.

‘The Bourne Legacy’ review

The Bourne Legacy is not game changing. It is, however, a well constructed action film with sufficient distance between itself and the original trilogy to enjoy in isolation.

‘Brave’ review

Though this somewhat slight film doesn’t quite hold up when compared to the Pixar classics, as a stand-alone venture Brave pretty much hits the mark.

‘Ted’ review

Much like a two-hour long episode of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane’s new offering Ted is a blend of the hilarious, the offensive and the downright lazy.