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‘The Monk’ review

Repressed sexuality bubbles through the angsty score by Alberto Iglesias and through lead actor Vincent Cassel's rigid but charged-up performance.

‘The Raid’ review

A Welshman directing a foreign language Die Hard in Indonesia... really? This is the question most people will be asking before watching this film.

‘The Lucky One’ review

Based on the novel by The Notebook author Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One takes a story that is hyper-relevant and drowns it in stultifying sentimentality and a soap-appropriate soundtrack.

‘Battleship’ review

Not a film of subtlety, Battleship is a great, honking, bulldozer of a film, that relentlessly batters you with machismo, gung-ho patriotism and some fantastic CGI.

‘The Hunger Games’ review

Aided by Jennifer Lawrence's lead performance, the writers don't lose any of the psychological nuances that helped make the novel so compelling.

‘John Carter’ review

In a blockbuster landscape that’s obsessed with everything being “dark”, Carter is a rare ray of cheesy sunshine.