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‘Stainless Steel And The Star Spies’ DVD review

There’s no easy way to describe this one-off 1981 kids show, starring what look like distant relations of the Smash family from the series of ‘70s adverts. It’s certainly very odd, occasionally very witty, and probably better enjoyed by immature grown-ups than any of the kids that it’s aimed at.

‘The Shadow Line’: Episode 1 review

Appropriately, given that it begins with the discovery of a body, the opening episode of The Shadow Line moves at a pace that’s almost funereal, although that isn’t to say it’s boring.

‘Doctor Who’: Series 6 Episode 3 spoiler-free review

After the tumultuous events of Series 6's opening two-parter comes the more traditional "onesy" - and an historical episode at that! Pirates are the order of the day for Team TARDIS as they find themselves aboard a doomed ship...

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Day Of The Moon’ review

It takes a television series of exceptional quality - and daring - to satisfy its audience without answering almost any of the questions posed in the preceding episode of a two-part story. Yet this is precisely what Doctor Who achieves in ‘Day Of The Moon’.

‘Exile’: Episode 1 review

Created by Paul Abbott (Shameless) and written by Danny Brocklehurst (The Street, Clocking Off), BBC One’s Exile is a three-part psychological drama concerned with the impermanence of remembrance and the persistence of memory.

‘Spiral: The Butcher Of La Villette’: Episodes 9 & 10 review

‘Three years in Seine-Saint-Denis would make any policeman corrupt,’ says Crime Squad Superintendent Brémont (Bruno Debrant) in this week’s double-episode of police drama Spiral, but it’s highly unlikely it takes anyone in the French justice system that long.

‘Monroe’: Series 1 DVD review

Doctor Gabriel Monroe (James Nesbitt), the titular and principal character in Peter Bowker’s entertaining ITV1 drama series, is a neurosurgeon at St Matthew’s Hospital in Leeds. His wit is as incisive as his scalpel and his private life is as messily traumatic as the injuries of the people upon whom he operates.