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‘Doctor Who’: ‘Planet Of The Spiders’ DVD review

Sarah Jane Smith is investigating strange goings-on at a meditation centre in rural England; spooky alien spiders are controlling the minds of human beings in a fiendish plot to take over the world; and the Doctor is wearing a bowtie, because bowties are cool.

‘Monroe’: Episode 6 review

The final part of ITV1’s latest medical drama brings the series to a suitably watchable conclusion, although this is not a Casualty-style blockbuster climax, with no major calamity leaving bodies strewn all over the landscape and the hospital struggling to cope under the weight of the blood and gore.

‘Spiral: The Butcher Of La Villette’: Episodes 3 & 4 review

As guiltily enthralling as your neighbours having a screaming row in their back garden, unaware that you’re peeking through a hole in the fence, BBC Four’s French police drama series Spiral is not exactly enjoyable; it’s hard to even define it as entertaining. Yet once you start watching, it’s increasingly difficult to stop.

‘Campus’: Episode 1 review

Kirke University, home to Channel 4’s new comedy series from the makers of Green Wing, is possibly the crudest college of higher education since the Central University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, its staff a collection of grotesque super-stereotypes whose self-absorption is matched only by their ability to break into verbosely obscene soliloquy at will.

‘Spiral: The Butcher Of La Villette’: Episodes 1 & 2 review

The actual title of Spiral, BBC Four’s imported French police drama, is Engrenages, which literally translates as ‘cogs’ or ‘gears’ - and if your stomach can stand the gore and your heart can stand the shocks, watching the show will give your own cogs and gears as thorough a grinding as they’ve had since the climax of The Killing.

‘Nurse Jackie’: Season 2 DVD review

The second season of Nurse Jackie demonstrates quite how wonderful and under-rated this show is. Edie Falco was consistently one of the best things about The Sopranos over its six season tenure and so a starring TV vehicle for the actress was warmly welcomed when Nurse Jackie premiered in 2009.

‘Twenty Twelve’: Episode 4 review

Joining the gang in the Olympic Deliverance Team this week is Dave Wellbeck; an athlete who won two consecutive silver medals at the Olympics in the Noughties.