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‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 6 review

Following last week’s dark and intense instalment, things are a little lighter here. In a nicely written episode with a likeable new character, George faces up to some family issues, while the police begin to circle Mitchell.

‘Monroe’: Episode 1 review

The spectre of one of the great modern fictional TV doctors looms over Monroe like Banquo’s ghost haunting Macbeth, but Monroe isn’t House remade for the UK; it’s Cracker remade in a hospital - and that’s a good thing.

‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 5 review

Like Cook and Tony before him, each Skins generation’s alpha male character has always had a darker, more vulnerable side, but the first 15 minutes of Nick's centric episode suggest a character to whom keeping up appearances matters above all else.

‘Silk’: Episode 1 review

Reuniting Kavanagh QC writer Peter Moffat and one of the stars of his BAFTA-winning series Criminal Justice, Maxine Peake, BBC One’s sleek new legal drama is clearly aiming high as the latest in the channel’s production line of quality courtroom action.

‘Glee’: The Music Volume 4 CD review

Featuring an impressive 18 tracks from the first few episodes of Glee’s second season, currently airing on E4, the main thing that stands out about Volume 4 in relation to the show’s previous albums is just how much variety has been included, in terms of both style and of which characters’ songs have been chosen.

‘Marchlands’: Episode 4 review

Whilst the previous instalment of ITV1's supernatural drama Marchlands stoked up the scares and chills, Episode 4 holds back on the jumps but fires up the mystery behind the titular house.

‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 5 review

After the exciting climax of last week’s episode, ‘The Longest Day’ sees things very much stripped back with a superb bottle episode. Nobody has to use their supernatural powers, but that doesn’t mean that nobody bares their fang.

‘Mad Dogs’: Episode 3 review

If last week's episode of Sky1's sunshine-fuelled new drama was about a woman disrupting the lives of men, then this week's was most definitely about how men disrupt one another, despite their "friendship".

‘Spooks’: Series 9 DVD review

Since 2002, spy drama Spooks has consistently ranked among the best the BBC has to offer, blending high-octane action with unnervingly topical storylines - but can it keep up the pace?