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‘Spooks’: Series 9 Episode 1 review

The return of the Spooks team for an impressive ninth year demonstrates little sign of the flagship BBC spy show abating from the breathless speed with which it ended the 2009 finale.

‘Merlin’: Series 3 Episode 1 review

Cleverly scheduled to take away the pain of having to go back to school, Merlin returns to BBC One, hunting for the missing Morgana, who got up to all sorts of witchery last year.

‘Identity’: Series 1 DVD review

Heavily trailed over nearly every World Cup ad-break, ITV1's six-part drama series Identity starts relatively well and then resembles a lemming hurtling over a cliff.

‘The Deep’: Episode 1 review

It must be tough to schedule certain programmes in what has turned out to be the first decent summer in this country for about seventy years.

‘Sherlock’: ‘A Study In Pink’ review

So, Sherlock Holmes is alive and well, working in the 21st century, helping out the police with their enquires, equipped with mobile phones, computers and Google Maps. No, wait, come back: it’s better than that – much better. Traditionally, when there’s been this sort of twist on the Most Famous Detective In The World™, it’s...

‘Generation Kill’ Blu-ray review

It is said that the best drama is derived from conflict, either figuratively or literally, and that is certainly the case with HBO's seminal seven-part series Generation Kill.