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Doctor Who: The Behemoth review

Marc Platt’s Doctor Who story The Behemoth, is the first in a set of three audio releases for Colin Baker’s sixth Doctor and his two Big Finish companions, Flip (Lisa Greenwood) and Constance Clark (Miranda Raison). For a change it’s a pure historical tale, set in 1756 Bath. The Doctor is setting tongues wagging, but...

Stranger Things 2 episode 2 review: Trick or Treat, Freak

Hello and welcome to the Upside Down or, as we’re calling it, the even-numbered reviews of Stranger Things 2. John and I will be swapping back and forth as we race through this exciting new season so, if your favourite episode happens to be two, four, six or eight, I sincerely apologise.

Torchwood: The Lives Of Captain Jack boxset review

Jack Harkness, former Time Agent and friend of the Doctor has a rather complicated timeline; he has travelled with two different incarnations and also on his own, as well as having spent several lifetimes on Earth. This makes him ripe for further exploration and this box set explores some of the tantalising gaps in Jack’s...

Marvel’s Inhumans (Sky 1) review

Given that tonight’s UK premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans comes nearly a month after its US air date and even longer after the ill-judged IMAX release, I’d wager that you’re already aware of the bad buzz that’s been surrounding this series ever since the first footage was released.

Doctor Who Short Trips 8.10 review: All Hands On Deck

Hot on the heels of September’s release, All Hands On Deck is another tale set at the eve of the Time War, featuring the Eighth Doctor as he seeks to ensure one of his companion’s safety. While A Heart On Both Sides featured the Doctor incognito, the former TARDIS traveller he visits in this story is...