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‘Leverage’: Season 2 DVD review

Ever wondered what Robin Hood would have been like if, instead of a vicious outlaw leading a gang of hosiery-clad men, it involved a gang of four criminals being led by a former insurance fraud investigator?

‘How TV Ruined Your Life’: Episode 1 review

Charlie Brooker made his name releasing sharply barbed commentaries on TV programmes in his Guardian newspaper column, but his seamless transfer onto the BBC and Channel 4 has made for essential viewing in the last few years.

‘Mad Dogs’: Episode 1 review

Reuniting Life On Mars duo Philip Glenister and John Simm, Mad Dogs tells the story of five old friends who meet up in Majorca, where old feuds rise and arguments return.

‘Marchlands’: Episode 1 review

According to the folks at ITV, Marchlands is a "really original concept" blending "relationship drama with an atmospheric ghost story".

‘Hustle’: Series 7 Episode 3 review

You often hear it said that they don’t make television like they used to. Well, no, they don’t - and nor should they. But every so often there’s a show that rests on the shoulders of older giants.