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‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Lodger’ review

Wanted: new man to replace the previous, uh, Tennant. GSOH, travellers welcome. Good sense of timing essential. Room may be bigger on the inside. Series 5, so far, has seemed a lot quieter and more cosy than the rest of nu-Who that has preceded it. While there’s been Something Very Important hinted at on the...

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Vincent And The Doctor’ review

So, ‘Vincent And The Doctor’ wasn’t just a working title after all. Presumably, any other title will just give away far too much about the plot, right? Well, actually, no, because any other cracks in Series 5’s ongoing story are being pushed back to the edge of the frame this week, as this episode (more...

‘Zimbani’ review

It's surprising that, in the wake of The Mighty Boosh, there haven't been more pretenders to the comedy crown of Mssrs Barratt and Fielding. Dave's exclusive new show Zimbani tries, but epically fails.

‘Pulse’ review

The first show to air as part of BBC Three's 2010 pilot season (the last of which in 2008 gave us Being Human), Pulse arrives with a style and content that would frankly be better suited to the long dark evenings of winter than the bright and warm evenings of the summer months.

‘Doctor Who’: Cold Blood review

Do you remember what The Doctor told Amy when she was seven years old? And, more to the point, do you remember what we told you in our review for 'Flesh And Stone'? Just two little words: continuity errors.

‘Doctor Who’: The Hungry Earth review

Say it quietly, but there’s not a lot in post-2005 Who that feels like old-Who. Don’t you just want just one old-fashioned, creepy, gloopy, slimy horror, with smoke-filled corridors and actors in green rubber suits?