‘Doctor Who’: ‘Closing Time’ teasers

The second half of Doctor Who’s current series continues next weekend with ‘Closing Time’, which sees the Doctor pay a farewell visit to his old friend Craig, and encounter a mystery.

People are going missing, a silver rat scuttles in the shadows of a department store, and somewhere close by the Cybermen are waiting…

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Written by Gareth Roberts, ‘Closing Time’ airs at 7.10pm on Saturday 24th September on BBC One. In the meantime, here are some teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘You don’t need to number food.’

» ‘What are you not telling me?

» ‘I’ve had some wonderful feedback.’

» ‘You always survive.’

» ‘Metal rat, real mouth.’

» ‘I am so old.’

» ‘You can’t help who your mates are.’

» ‘I always knew I’d die asking.’

» ‘Well, well, well. You have been busy.’

» ‘You have failed, Doctor.’