‘Doctor Who’ teasers: 10 hints for ‘Sleep No More’

The new season of Doctor Who continues this weekend with ‘Sleep No More’, written by Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss.

This terrifying story is assembled from footage discovered in the wreckage of Le Verrier Space Station.”

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‘Sleep No More’ will air at 8.15pm on Saturday 14 November on BBC One.

Here are 10 teasing spoiler-free lines of dialogue from the episode…


‘Have you brought me to a space restaurant?’

‘Shakespeare. He really knew his stuff.’

’24 hours ago, this station fell silent… We’ve come to find out why.’

‘You have to do the song.’

‘May the gods look favourably upon you.’

‘Well, that’s how they roll in the 38th century.’

‘It’s adaptable, it’s clever, and it’s coming for us.’

‘You can’t stop them. None of us can.’

‘You must not watch this.’

‘I don’t fully understand what’s going on here.’


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Are you looking forward to ‘Sleep No More’? Let us know below…

  • Margarethe

    Yet another one getting good reviews. Those who saw a preview in New York are very positive and make this Mark Gatiss’ best story to date. Even better, Face the Raven reviews are now coming in and they are fantastic. This series looks to be ending with a huge flourish – even Gatiss has upped his game to match Capaldi’s acting!

    • Matthew Hewitt

      I’m struggling to find many reviews for this one. The two that I have say that it’s interesting and ambitious, without being wholly successful.

    • edward

      I love Capaldi – I just wish Moffat would leave and give him a chance to do something great.

  • I’m not convinced by this one. The found footage genre doesn’t do it for me and Mark Gatiss’s previous DW episodes have been, let’s say, of inconsistent quality. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gatiss a lot. It’s just that his Who scripts have been all over the place. On one hand he produces The Unquiet Dead, Night Terrors, Cold War or The Crimson Horror but then he goes and writes The Idiot’s Lantern, Victory of the Daleks or Robot of Sherwood. (On a related note, I think he’d make a good Doctor. Look at him in The Web Of Caves and imagine if that was serious instead of parody.)

    I’ll reserve judgment until I see it. Maybe this will prove to be one of his better episodes. I expect it may suffer for both following the Zygons and preceding the death of Clara (assuming the rumours are true) but perhaps it will be more successful than we expect judged on its own merits. Open mind, that’s the way to go.

  • MargaretL

    Gatiss is such a good egg and so multi faceted – writing, acting, curating, show running, lecturing etc. He always comes across as such a genuine person as well – his episode of Who do you think you are was wonderfully poignant and he seems to have an inexhaustible energy in promoting both Who and Sherlock.
    Of all of the things he does, probably writing for Who is the least of these. Crimson Horror has been the only complete success to date I think as it really played to his love of Victoriana and horror – it’s my favourite of series 7B, although The Unquiet Dead had its moments. The rest are a bit of a curate’s egg, some of it not quite his fault – the poor monster in Cold War, the clunky design of the teletubby Daleks, that he had to write for Rose and 10 at their most highly irritating in Idiot’s Box. I’ve been lucky enough to see him on stage in Coriolanus a couple of years ago and have to say, he was excellent, as he has been on television (Wolf Hall is a stand out too). I’d go so far to say that he’s a much better actor than Tennant and just as good as Smith, so I doubt he will ever be showrunner as I just can’t see him ever stopping acting.
    So even if some of his writing doesn’t quite make the giddy heights of Whithouse, Tregenna, Mathieson or Moffat, he’s a damn fine talent and I wish I had one millionth of any of his abilities. He always gets my respect if not my love for some of his Who scripts.

    • Matthew Hewitt

      I agree with you about The Crimson Horror, but I thought The Ice Warrior was quite the best thing in Cold War (an excellent premise but one which the author totally failed to develop) and the ‘new’ Daleks were a design fault outside of his control. I do, however, think that Night Terrors is an underrated gem of an episode; the mundane reality of the housing estate is contrasted beautifully with the atmospheric and creepy dolls house sequences and it has a genuinely moving emotional ending that is actually earned for a change (unlike the similar one in Closing Time which is cloying and contrived by comparison).

      As for Mark Gatiss the actor, I think he’s very limited and overly mannered (his greatest success for me was playing the various grotesques in The League of Gentlemen. And although I’m no fan of the Tenth Doctor, elsewhere David Tennant has proven himself to be a much greater talent than Gatiss or Matt Smith.

    • edward

      Love them all as actors. I agree with your assessment of Gatiss as unlikely to become showrunner. Such a shame, really, as I think he could save it. Recently, I’ve been watching *old* who on Horror, Terence Dicks era stuff. So vastly superior to the Moffat era. I was one of those who loudly objected to some of Russell DAvies’ worst excesses (Rose being Badwolf is *still* the worst idea in scifi since Greedo shooting first), but I could forgive him even the crap Peter Kay cameo if he came back now. Moffat has been such an enormous disappointment, with his consistently poor handling of the show, the dreadful anniversary episodes, and his desperate need to try to convince us all that he’s as clever as he thinks he is…. I’m only still watching because it’s called “Doctor Who”, but I’m already three episodes behind on iPlayer now because I just don’t have the enthusiasm for it any longer. I used to rarely miss seeing it on broadcast….