Watch the ultimate ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Star Wars’ mash-up video

A couple of years ago Vimeo user Kelvington created an awesome mash-up featuring the worlds of Doctor Who and Star Wars (with a bit of Star Trek thrown in for good measure).

Featuring nearly 1,500 image files, over 500 sound effects, 28 rotoscope shots and 50 effects shots, the project took 48 production days to complete.

In case you missed it back then – and as it is Star Wars Day today – here’s a reminder of what happens when the Doctor takes on the Dark Side…

  • russell

    I love Star Wars. I adore Dr Who. BB-8 was a triumph…but here are a few clues why that old ” flexible ” tv show has the edge for me:
    Episode 1: Young Annakin blows up a thing, that looks like The Death Star.
    Episode 4: Young hero Luke blows up The Death Star.
    Episode 6: The rebels blow up the 2nd Death Star.
    Episode 7: The resistance blow up a thing which is bigger than The Death Star.
    Rogue 1: The upcoming spin-off : Is how the rebels get the plans to The Death Star.
    That said I still love Star Wars…And did I mention, that BB-8, was a triumph.