What if John Carpenter did a ‘Doctor Who’ theme? Listen here!

Just in time for Halloween, YouTube user GeorgeCMusic explores how the Doctor Who theme might sound if legendary horror director and composer John Carpenter took a shot at it.

He commented: “Continuing my loose series of “What If”s, here’s how I imagine John Carpenter (in association with Alan Howarth, circa 1981) might have done a Doctor Who theme. Synths used were: Arturia Prophet VS, ARP Odyssey VSTi, LinnDrum samples, Amore Grand Piano, NI FM7. Also used was the Ferric Classic Tape simulator to give the mix a bit of a retro crunch.”

Listen here…

An extended mix can be downloaded here.

12 new episodes of Doctor Who are currently filming in Cardiff and will premiere on BBC One in April 2017.

Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

What do you think of this mix of the theme tune? Let us know below…

  • xero

    forgot the beat of 4

    • zmster

      It’s “there” in it’s absence isn’t it? I tapped it out during playback.

  • Elizabeth Mills

    Wow, this is really awesome! Very well composed and arranged. I’d love for this to even be the ending credits for the show at least.

  • Sorry, I think it’s boring and flat.

  • Simon

    I wanted to like this, but mostly I find it a bit ponderous and dull.

  • Brian Combe

    It’s too upbeat. Delia’s version is atmospheric, strange and sinister. For this to work it needs move arrangement away from the tune being dominant and make the tone more central. Listen to Escape from New York. That theme has all the elements of a Doctor Who arrangement. The jump scare blasts from Halloween and Prince of Darkness could serve as the opening scream.