Star Cops: Blood Moon 2 audio review

Star Cops Blood Moon 2 concludes the current storyline across three monthly episodes.   Star Cops, the police procedural set a couple of steps into the future, is now enjoying its fourth series on audio. The show has gone from strength to strength with Big Finish Productions, mixing legacy and new characters, all dealing with the … >

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Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

The CultBox Podcast Roundup – June 2024

Here’s our June 2024 Podcast Roundup – what we’ve been listening in the worlds of CultBox.  In no particular order, our picks this month are… The Gaby Roslin Podcast: Laura Checkley Gaby spent time in the company of actor Laura Checkley, star of Detectorists, King Gary and Screw. The chat ran through her career, from … >

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The Fourth Doctor Adventures Metamorphosis cover art crop

The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Metamorphosis – audio boxset review

Harry Sullivan and Naomi Cross enjoy three more adventures with the Tom Baker’s Doctor.  Flexing the format a little, the latest Fourth Doctor audio boxset contains three 2-part adventures. The first brings the Doctor face to face with the Toymaker, albeit in a new different form. The second is a fantastical affair – a celebrity … >

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Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor Adventures - Star-Crossed cover art crop

The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Star-Crossed – Doctor Who audio review

In his final boxset (for now), Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor encounters River Song for a trio of Star-Crossed audio adventures.  The formidably flirty Professor River Song has caught up with most of her husband’s faces. Since concluding her television adventures, she’s rattled though his regenerational back-catalogue in her own audio series. She’s also hooked up … >

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Doctor Who - Sontarans vs Rutans 4 - In Name Only cover art crop

Sontarans vs Rutans: In Name Only – Doctor Who audio review

The four-part mini-series ends with a tale set inside the Time War.  All roads lead to the temporal conflict between the Doctor’s people and the Daleks, as this final tale ties up the threads of Sontarans vs Rutans. In Name Only The action begins with a TARDIS arriving on a Gallifreyan outpost and a deadly … >

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A Roboman from Doctor Who - The Dalek Invasion of Earth Ep. 2 The End of Tomorrow

The CultBox Podcast Roundup – May 2024

Here’s our May 2024 Podcast Roundup – what we’ve been listening in the worlds of CultBox.  In no particular order, our picks this month are… The Rest Is Entertainment Marina Hyde and Richard Osman’s popular culture show continues to be an essential listen. This month, topics for discussion covered the fairness of Mastermind and celebrity … >

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Matt Smith on stage with Orbital at Glastonbury

The CultBox Podcast Roundup – April 2024

Here’s our April 2024 Podcast Roundup – what we’ve been listening in the worlds of CultBox.  In no particular order, our picks this month are… Table Manners S16, Ep 25: Billie Piper Jessie and Lennie are joined for breakfast by Billie Piper, who was out promoting Scoop. However, the chat goes much wider and covers … >

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Star Cops: Blood Moon 1 audio review

The Star Cops are back for Blood Moon, a new monthly audio series.  The brainchild of Blake’s 7 script editor and Doctor Who scribe Chris Boucher, Star Cops, the BBC’s 1987 futuristic police procedural came and went like a summer cloud. Behind-the-scenes problems, industrial action and an unhelpful timeslot did nothing to aid the show, … >

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Doctor Who - The Quin Dilemma cover art crop

The Quin Dilemma – Doctor Who audio review

Big Finish celebrates forty years of the Sixth Doctor, surrounding him with many of his companions.  Remarkably, four decades have passed since we first met the bombastic Sixth Doctor. Initially self-righteous and quite unlikable, dressed in a technicolour nightmare, there was a plan to peel back his layers over time. Colin Baker arrived during a … >

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