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5 comic-book crossovers we’d like to see

IDW’s Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover is a delight. However, I can’t help but wonder which other comic-book crossovers which would blow my mind? Ironically, Scanners is not anywhere amongst the answers…   Godzilla meets Doctor Who’s Third Doctor in ‘Godzilla vs UNIT’ “You are just a man dressed for the opera driving … >

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7 of the best episodes of ‘The Avengers’

Following our recent retrospective of The Avengers, I thought to myself “Why can’t I be more like Emma Peel?” Now that I’ve realised I really don’t have the hips for crimpolene, I refocused myself to give you the rundown on seven of the best episodes…   1.16: ‘The Frighteners’ One of the few existing Season … >

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Rewind: ‘The Avengers’ revisited

One elegant spy. Three femme fatales. A dash of diabolical masterminds. Nineteen gallons of Champagne.   What was it about? When Dr David Keel’s fiancée is murdered, Keel teams up with the mysterious John Steed in order to bring the killers to justice. It was only when Steed allied with judo fighting, leather wearing anthropologist … >

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