lucifer season 5a

Look back at Lucifer season 5A while we wait for more episodes

Lucifer season 5A dropped on Netflix on August 21, 2020. Eight episodes brought celestial shenanigans and another emotional rollercoaster for our heroes. Thanks to the pandemic we’ve had to wait for season 5B to arrive, so we’ve taken the time to rewatch Lucifer season 5A [OK, and seasons 1-4 as well… maybe that was just us!] In … >

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The year that David Tennant dominated Christmas TV

Television viewing habits have changed an enormous amount since the end of 2009. Now, we’re as likely to watch programmes on catch-up services, or eschew broadcast television altogether. And with that in mind, it’s easy to overlook that at the end of 2009, and the start of 2010, there was a point when half of … >

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Merlin: The Cast Beyond the Show

To celebrate the syndication of the beloved BBC show on SyFy, here’s a look at what some of the programme’s stars have been up to since the magic ended in 2012. Colin Morgan Playing our Protagonist, Merlin, for four years Morgan has since ditched the hair but not his flare for period pieces; with supporting … >

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Red Dwarf 2

Red Dwarf: revisiting the second series

Before its twelfth series lands on Dave in October, I’m rewatching all of Red Dwarf from the beginning. This week it’s time to tackle rebellious androids, virtual reality and false memories in Red Dwarf II. I mentioned in my look at the maiden run that the first series of Red Dwarf has a pervading sense … >

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Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf: revisiting the first series

  My love of Red Dwarf was at its peak around ten years ago. I bought each series on DVD and watched them over and over again, before eventually getting a bit fatigued and moving on to something else. In the time that has passed since then, I’ve hardly revisited the ‘small rouge one’ at … >

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The Day Today

The Day Today: standout moments from a classic TV comedy show

Arguably the high watermark of spoof/satire television in the UK, The Day Today is unquestionably an important slice of British comedy history. Spawning from the similarly genius radio show On The Hour, The Day Today brought together several now well-known comedic actors and writers – Steve Coogan, Rebecca Front, Patrick Marber, David Schneider, Peter Baynham, … >

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