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Where are the cast of BBC One’s ‘Robin Hood’ now?

As fans celebrate ten years since Robin Hood began on Saturday evenings on BBC One, let’s take a look at what the cast have been up to since the adventure drama series came to an end. Buy the Season 1 box set on Amazon here.   Jonas Armstrong Apart from appearing in seven episodes of … >

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10 of the scariest monsters ever in ‘The X-Files’

It’s really hapenning… The X-Files is back! Mulder and Scully are heading back to the FBI basement to open up those creaky old files for the first time on TV in nearly 14 years with six brand new episodes. > Buy the complete Season 1-9 boxset on Amazon. While we await their return, let’s take … >

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10 reasons the ‘Star Wars’ prequels don’t completely suck

Well, they do though, eh? It’s a shame, because in between miscasting, misjudged characters, non characters and tax embargoes there as some very typically Star Wars tropes which get lost in the soup of prequel bashing. > Buy the complete original Star Wars saga box set on Amazon. But let’s have a look at Episodes … >

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