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‘Deadpool’ movie review: One hell of a thrill ride

Following the mammoth success of the X-Men franchise and Marvel Cinematic Universe, superhero films have become a fully fledged genre of their own over the past decade. From the beginning, Deadpool is extremely self-aware and ready to poke fun at the superhero genre along with its cast, X-Men connections and the complicated 12 year journey … >

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‘Impossible’ review: A great night out at new West End magic show

Londons’s West End has a history of enthralling magic shows which has seen daring performances from the likes of Harry Houdini, Penn & Teller and, erm, Paul Daniels. With CGI making audiences ever more cynical about what’s real, you’d be forgiven for thinking magic shows had become extinct. But this month, magic and illusion have … >

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‘Agent Carter’ Episode 2 review: ‘Bridge and Tunnel’

It’s the second episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter and we might have already hit a slighty stumbling block. It’s still an absolute joy to watch, the characters are all on point and it’s visually impressive, but there’s something lacking in the plot department. I’m beginning to think they should’ve taken a leaf out of Torchwood … >

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‘Agent Carter’ Episode 1 review: ‘Now is Not the End’

Marvel has indisputably dominated the movie industry for the past decade and with the next few years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already mapped out, there seems to be no signs of it slowing down. Marvel’s TV productions – though popular – haven’t managed the same level of success. Netflix might have hit the ground … >

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‘Spy’ movie review

Following the huge success of 2011’s Bridesmaids and 2013’s The Heat, Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig have become the most reliable director/actor duo since Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s heyday. And whilst McCarthy’s recent films (Tammy) have seen her tread familiar ground, Spy is a departure in style and one heck of a risk. … >

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