‘Agent Carter’ Episode 2 review: ‘Bridge and Tunnel’

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It’s the second episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter and we might have already hit a slighty stumbling block.

It’s still an absolute joy to watch, the characters are all on point and it’s visually impressive, but there’s something lacking in the plot department.

I’m beginning to think they should’ve taken a leaf out of Torchwood or Supernatural’s book and started with a series of standalone episodes before diving into a serial-style story arc.

Following on from last week’s opener, Agent Carter is going solo and taking up her own mission away from the SSR, to clear Howard Stark’s name. Some of his most dangerous weapons have got into the wrong hands and it’s up to Peggy to track them down before their destructive power is unleashed.

Agent Carter Hayley Atwell

Agent Carter going undercover as a health department official gives Hayley Attwell some brilliant moments to showcase her comedic talents and the fight scenes are pretty impressive here. Whilst other Marvel characters have superpowers or some agents have gymnast-like fighting style, Carter fights dirty which makes her almost morally-perfect character all the more engaging.

Broadchurch actor James D’Arcy is given room to develop as Edwin Jarvis – Stark’s butler who is assigned to give Agent Carter all the help and resources she requires in clearing Stark’s name. It’s clear that Stark and Jarvis are hiding something from Peggy, but it’s a shame that the audience is being kept as equally in the dark.

When the SSR (precursor to S.H.I.E.L.D.) investigate the previous explosion at ROXXON, Carter and Jarvis need to remove all evidence that they were there. All in all, it makes for an episode that doesn’t see much happen that develops the plot further.

The preview for next week’s episode, ‘Time and Tide’, looks like we will get a few answers to our questions and with only six episodes left of the season, let’s hope the plot gets moving sooner rather than later.


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