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‘This is England ’90’ Episode 4 review: Is this England?

What a long emotional journey it’s been, seven years in the lives of nine young people growing up in England in the 1980s. This Is England has been criticized by many as to the accuracy of its portrayal of youth culture amidst this green and pleasant land, with the question “Is this England” having been … >

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‘Ultimate Star Wars’ book review: Lavish and well put together

There is an inherent problem with publishing any book that claims to be the “complete” or in this case “ultimate” reference book about Star Wars, especially at this juncture in history with the saga experiencing a renaissance. In less than a hundred days a whole new film will be in cinemas when The Force Awakens … >

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‘This is England’ recap: The story so far

Shane Meadows completes his This Is England trilogy when the final four-part chapter, set in 1990, comes to Channel 4 this September. But before Sean, Smell, Woody, Lol, Milky, Trev, Gadget, Kelly and Banjo take their final bow, we have time to look back at how their lives have lead us to this point. When … >

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