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‘Wizards vs Aliens’ review: ‘The Quantum Effect’

When I set out to watch this week’s Wizards vs Aliens story, ‘The Quantum Effect’, I was not prepared for quite the onslaught of emotions that was the culmination of these two episodes. I’m pretty sure neither Tom nor Benny were either, as Benny is presented with the opportunity to be scientific full-time at MIT, … >

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‘The Passing Bells’ preview: BBC One’s new WW1 drama

Airing over five consecutive nights during Remembrance Week, BBC One’s The Passing Bells takes viewers on an emotional journey through the First World War. Filmed on location in Poland, the drama series focuses on the lives of two young men, Thomas (Paddy Gibson) and Michael (Jack Lowden), and what happens to them and their families … >

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‘Wizards vs Aliens’ review: ‘The Secret of Room 12’

Wizards vs Aliens makes a welcome return to CBBC with ‘The Secret Of Room 12’, the first two-part adventure of the show’s third season, penned by co-creator Phil Ford. Our story begins (after a teaser in which sinister forces cause an innocent teacher to make a mess of his shirt) with a report on What … >

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‘Wizards vs Aliens’ Season 3 preview

Fans of CBBC’s Wizards vs Aliens have much to look forward to with the launch of the fantasy drama’s third season this week, and ‘The Secret Of Room 12’ is a dynamite way to kick off the new adventures. If Tom (Scott Haran) and his friends – wizards and unenchanted alike – thought the Earth … >

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