6 new things every ‘Doctor Who’ fan needs this month

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Each month we’re picking out the best of the latest Doctor Who products on sale!

Check out October’s goodies…


Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds book

Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds

Published on Thursday 29 October, this book sees the Doctor Who Art Department open their doors to reveal a unique, behind-the-scenes look at one of the most loved series on British Television.

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Whether it’s iconic sets like the TARDIS console room, recurring villains like the Daleks or the Cybermen, or the smallest hand prop featured in the briefest of scenes, this book showcases the work of the Doctor Who art department in glorious detail.

Discover how the designers work with the costume, make-up and special effects teams to produce the alien worlds.

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‘The Underwater Menace’ on DVD

The Underwater Menace Doctor Who

Starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor and packed with wealth of un-missable extras, the DVD is available to buy from Monday 26 October.

The story introduces Jamie McCrimmon’s (Frazer Hines) on his first journey with the Doctor as a travelling companion. This DVD contains the two re-mastered existing episodes, with the two missing episodes represented with restored audio and surviving stills, as well as over an hour of extras.

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Doctor Who Cluedo game

Doctor who Cluedo

Players must find the key to locating Gallifrey in the official Doctor Who Cluedo game, based on Season 8, out now.

Missy, formerly the master, escaped from Gallifrey when the Doctors freed the planet from the Time War in The Day of The Doctor. Now, only she knows its whereabouts. But as she watched the Doctor and Clara on their adventures through Season 8, she left a vital clue to its whereabouts somewhere in space and time and one of the doctor’s enemies has found it. Can you figure out what the clue is, where she left it and who holds the key to locating Gallifrey and sending the doctor home?

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The Official Annual 2016

Doctor Who annual 2016

Published on Thursday 1 October, the 2016 annual lets you join the Twelfth Doctor for brand-new adventures with Clara on board the Tardis, read secrets from Season 9, find fact files on all the scariest monsters, and comic strips, stories, puzzles and games and more.

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Time Lord Fairy Tales

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales

Published on Thursday 1 October, this is a stunning illustrated collection of fifteen dark and ancient fairy tales from the world of Doctor Who.

These captivating stories include mysterious myths and legends about heroes and monsters of all kinds, from every corner of the universe. Originally told to young Time Lords at bedtime, these twisted tales are an enchanting read for Doctor Who fans of all ages.

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The Dangerous Book of Monsters

Doctor Who: The Dangerous Book of Monsters

In his travels across time and space, the Doctor has met hundreds of monsters – now, he’s created this handy spotter’s guide to the biggest, smallest, tallest, hungriest, smelliest, and most dangerous creatures in the Whoniverse! Out on Thursday 1 October.

In this fantastic companion guide to How To Be A Time Lord, the Twelfth Doctor reveals, in tips and doodles, everything you need to know about each dangerous monster, advice for battling them, and how and when to make a speedy escape.

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Season 9 is currently airing on Saturday evenings on BBC One.

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What Doctor Who goodies have you bought recently? Let us know below…