12 best moments from ‘Deep Breath’

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After an eyebrow cameo in the 50th anniversary special, a kidney-based regeneration scene at Christmas and a rather long wait, the Twelfth Doctor has arrived.

Spiky, sharp-suited and definitely more of a window than a door man, the universe had better watch out.

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To celebrate Peter Capaldi’s official debut in ‘Deep Breath’, we’ve picked out 12 favourite moments from the episode…


“No dear. People are apes. Men are monkeys.”

Madame Vastra tricks the Doctor into putting himself to sleep, then crows to Jenny.

Doctor Who Deep Breath Doctor Vastra


“The wind bites now… and I am alone here.”

In amongst all the craziness of his post-regenerative state, the sleeping Doctor translates the trapped dinosaur’s lament.

Doctor Who Deep Breath Doctor


“Are you judging him?”

Vastra challenges Clara on her motives for being with the Doctor, implies that she is shallow and lights a fire in her belly.

Doctor Who Deep Breath Vastra


“The Times, shall I send it up?”

Strax delivers The Times in his own inimitable style, knocking Clara out.

Doctor Who Deep Breath Strax


“These are attack eyebrows. You could take bottle tops off with these!”

Doctor Who Deep Breath tramp


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