Doctor Who: Masterful Boxset cover art

Masterful (Limited Edition): Doctor Who audio review

Masterful celebrates the Doctor’s best enemy on the fiftieth anniversary of the character’s onscreen debut. An eight-disc collection, it contains the eponymous full-cast drama as well as two short trips and a longer narrated tale. The headline story also features the audio debut of John Simm’s “Harold Saxon” incarnation. Masterful A three-disc, full-cast epic, Masterful … >

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Missy Series 2 Cover Art

Missy Series 2 audio review

‘Missy Series 2’ continues the adventures of the Doctor’s best enemy, in her unforgettable “Scary Poppins” incarnation, as played by Michelle Gomez. Her first audio series brought adventures in Earth’s history and a brush with the Meddling Monk. This second outing builds on that, with two earthbound tales and two at large in the universe. … >

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Doctor Who: Ravenous 4 audio review

‘Ravenous 4’, the latest volume of Eighth Doctor adventures sees the culmination of the current storyline. Accompanied by Liv and Helen, plus his troublesome villain-turned-ally The Eleven, the Doctor has been battling the Ravenous, creatures with a voracious appetite for the Time Lords themselves. Whisper The Eleven is cured. The personalities of his former selves, … >

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Missy Series 1 review

Exclusively available from the Big Finish website until the end of April, Missy Series 1 delivers exactly what it says on the cover: Michelle Gomez as that most diabolical of Time Lords, Missy, in what must surely be the first set of many. Across four CD-length stories, Missy is able to do her worst, unchallenged … >

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Audio Review: The Diary Of River Song series 5

Since opening her diary for Big Finish, the time-travelling archaeologist Professor River Song (Alex Kingston) has dutifully picked her way back up her husband’s timeline, most recently reaching the Fourth Doctor. For this fifth volume however, River chronicles encounters with another Time Lord – one who is presented in four different, but equally deadly flavours. … >

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Michelle Gomez signs up to be Sabrina The Teenage Witch villain

She’s done terrorising the Doctor – at least for the time being – but Michelle Gomez isn’t leaving her villainous days behind her. The star, who has recently been playing Missy/The Master of course in Doctor Who, has now signed up to be part of the upcoming Sabrina The Teenage Witch reboot. She’ll be playing … >

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