‘Doctor Who’s sexiest male companions

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With Samuel Anderson joining the show in Series 8 as Danny Pink, one of Clara’s fellow teachers at Coal Hill School, CultBox takes a look back at Doctor Who‘s sexiest male companions (in no particular order!)…


Peter Purves as space pilot Steven Taylor (1965-1966)

Doctor Who Steven Taylor


Michael Craze as Royal Navy seaman Ben Jackson (1966-1967)

Doctor Who Ben Jackson


Frazer Hines as 18th century Scottish piper Jamie McCrimmon (1966-1969)

Doctor Who Jamie McCrimmon Frazer Hines


John Barrowman as 51st century time agent Captain Jack Harkness (2005-2010)

Doctor Who Captain Jack


Noel Clarke as mechanic Mickey Smith (2005-2010)

Doctor Who Mickey Smith Noel Clarke


Arthur Darvill as nurse Rory Williams (2010-2012)

Doctor Who Rory Williams Arthur Darvill


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