Lucifer becomes The Good Place

Lucifer becomes The Good Place in season 6? We examine the idea

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While we wait for season 6, we explore the idea Lucifer becomes The Good Place as Hell is reinvented

WARNING — A lot of SPOILERS for the second half of Lucifer season 5 are covered. No more warnings!

While the two shows appear very different, there is an amount of overlap in that both cover the afterlife, Heaven (The Good Place) and Hell (The Bad Place) and have demons. Both are also very different on a lot of levels, and both are recommended. After watching the season 5B finale, we can’t help but wonder if season 6 of Lucifer might follow (with regards Hell) a path already trodden by another Netflix hit series.

Lucifer becomes The Good Place — the core idea

Near the end of A Chance at a Happy Ending, Lucifer flies to Heaven after Chloe gets killed by Michael. [We did warn you about spoilers]. The first person he meets as he falls from the sky in a blazing fireball is a total surprise and a brilliant one at that. It’s Mr Said Out B*tch, a recurring character met at the start of seasons 2-5 and now he’s in Heaven, having started the season in Hell.

One of the first things he says uses the word ‘fork’ as a substitute for a well known swear word. Here’s where we get the foreshadowing of The Good Place. In that show, they can’t swear and any profanities get automatically replaced, in this case with the word fork.

We learn Said Out B*tch (actual in show name is Lee Garner, played by Jeremiah Birkett) is the first person to ever leave Hell by leaving their Hell loop after coming to terms with their guilt. He walked through the door to Heaven.

So what?

Who else needs to leave Hell?

While Chloe died and was resurrected by Lucifer, no such luck for Dan Espinoza who died and went to Hell. Lucifer may be God [we said spoilers], but would he just bring Dan back from the grave with a wave of his hand? What would he be like? Both Malcolm (season 1) and Charlotte (season 3) were deeply affected by their time in Hell, and we don’t see Dan being any less changed. Perhaps for the better?

Lucifer could always fly Dan back to a new body (as per Abel) and we can imagine that as an option, perhaps another police office, but what if someone (Said Out B*tch) helps him inside his loop? Imagine the scene where he walks through his door to the Silver City and first person he meets is Charlotte Richards?

Does Hell work?

Lucifer himself has noted Hell doesn’t seem to work. It’s just about torture. He started Said Out B*tch on the part to redemption — what if they change the emphasis and make Hell all about redemption? This is a very Good Place idea, core in many ways to the outcome of that show.

There are other questions around Hell. Why doesn’t it need a warder (God never explained), does Maze still want to go and rule or just stay with Eve, if demons can grow souls, isn’t it time they had the chance to grow as well?

If we had to bet, we can imagine a finale where Lucifer retakes the throne of Hell realising it’s the most important job of all. Time will tell, but the idea of Hell, Dan’s destiny and Said Out B*tch’s redemption look key to us.