The CultBox Podcast Roundup – April 2022

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Welcome to the CultBox Podcast Roundup for April 2022. 

Our favourite podcasts this month in the worlds of film and tv have included, in no particular order…

The Two Shot Podcast, S9 Ep20 – Gemma Whelan

The Two Shot Podcast logo

Craig Parkinson rounds out his ninth season of the brilliant Two Shot Podcast interviews talking to Game of Thrones, Upstart Crow and Gentleman Jack star Gemma Whelan. The chat covers stand-up comedy, working as a mother of small children, television, theatre and more. As ever, it’s a cracking listen.

The Big Finish Podcast – “First Doctor War”

On the Big Finish podcast this month, there was plenty of promotion for their new First Doctor range starring actor Stephen Noonan (read our review here). The 10th of April edition saw a fascinating interview with Noonan, who discussed how he researched William Hartnell’s acting. The following week’s podcast is worth catching for a chat Lauren Cornelius (who plays Dodo) too.

Full Disclosure with James O’Brien S2, Ep86: Tom Walker (Jonathan Pie)

James O’Brien talks to the actor Tom Walker, who’s behind the satirical news character Jonathan Pie. They talk of how the character went viral, changing the fortunes of Walker’s acting career.

Back to One #197 – Eddie Marsan

Ray Donovan star Eddie Marsan talks fascinatingly about his craft and how you must learn to inhabit your character by following the command: “dig a hole and sit in it.”

It’s another terrific interview by host Peter Rinaldi, with plenty of talk about director Mike Leigh’s unique filmmaking process and learning from Jim Broadbent on Gangs of New York. Marsan also guested on an episode of Full Disclosure with James O’Brien this month too, in promotion of his itv drama The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe.

Short History Of…

More lessons from Paul McGann here, as Short History of… delivers the skinny on historical events in an easily digestible format. The subjects this month were The Vikings, The Titanic (which revealed a surprising McGann family connection) and The Russian Revolution. The month finished off with the first two (of three) editions telling the tale of Pearl Harbour.

Additionally, Real Dictators, Nosier Podcasts’ other McGann fronted show has just wrapped up a season by finishing the story of Genghis Khan. They’re back with a new run next month, winding back the dial to Julius Caesar.

Film Stories with Simon Brew

Film Stories Podcast logo

In April, Film Stories looked at the Tom Cruise headlining, supposed Dark Universe starter The Mummy (2017). It also covered the Richard Curtis romcom Notting Hill, National Treasure, The Fortress, troubled Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World, Moonfall, The Game and the unmade sequel to World War Z. All fascinating stuff as ever, from this now award-winning podcast.

So, happy listening… and do let us know if you have any recommendations too.