The Doctor Who Fan Service Hot Line Week 9: It Takes You Away

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The phrase ‘Give the audience what they never knew they needed’ springs to mind. I never knew I needed a sentient universe in the shape of an amphibian.

Press 1 if Ryan called Graham Grandad so now Doctor Who can finish.

Press 2 if you wonder if the Doctor was told any superfluous information as a child.

Press 3 if saw the actor Kevin Eldon was going to be in this episode and wondered if he would be giving an against type performance as a grieving father, or- ah yep, here we go, in demonic makeup hunched over a dead bird. As you were.

Press 4 if that episode did nothing for your general dislike of moths.

Press 5 if you have narrowed down your headcanon version of Granny 7 to either the woman from the barn, Iris Wildthyme, or a glitch in the Looms.

Press 6 if you feel like a lot of key plot information this series is coming in pretty late in the day.

Press 7 if you feel like ‘It’s a form that delights me’ is going to be a whole thing amongst horny fandom, as is ‘I so want your tubular’.

Press 8 if you can’t wait for next week’s early-episode-future-set-whimsical-adventure-where-something-unexpected-is-a-monster-delivered-as-a-throwaway-line #woollyrevolution

Press 9 if you feel like Ed Hime was on a mission to throw enough strangeness at the screen that the inevitable Slartibartfast jokes barely made a blip on Twitter.

Press # if you think the ‘It’ that the title refers to is ‘Grief’

Press * if you think the ‘It’ that the title refers to is ‘Narrative necessity’.

Sentient Universe in Frog Form
‘Merry Christmas to all of you at home’