‘Merlin’: 10 things we learnt from the Series 4 commentaries

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From The Darkest Hour (Part One):

» Katie McGrath (Morgana) inadvertently reveals that her character’s vision of a battlefield strewn with bodies is of the battle at Camlan, which in some versions of mythology is the battle where Arthur is slain.

» Director Alice Troughton informs the listener that fan sites have criticised the show for having Wyverns with the incorrect number of legs.

From The Darkest Hour (Part Two):

» Angel Coulby (Gwen) divulges just what it’s like working with Nathaniel Parker, who isn’t half as stern as he appears.

» Rupert Young (Sir Leon) shares exactly how he likes his tea and tells the tale of his first line in the show.

From The Wicked Day:

» Alice Troughton explains that The Princess Bride was her main inspiration for the swashbuckling scene where Uther is slain.

» Colin Morgan (Merlin) tells that he believes “the time is soon” for a reveal of Merlin’s magic to Arthur.

From The Secret Sharer:

» Writer Julian Jones recounts the original beginning to this episode that featured Morgana, close to death, going “over to the other side” for a dream sequence with her late half-sister Morgause.

» Richard Wilson (Gaius) discusses the problems of his uncontrollable arching eyebrows.

From A Herald of the New Age:

» During the filming of the scene at the cursed shrine, Adetomiwa Edun (Elyan) admits that he jumped on the well prop and accidentally broke a piece off it!

» Director Jeremy Webb reveals that, due to a swelling on Bradley James’ face, filming had to be very carefully staged for the sword practice scene.

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