Jenna Coleman Boots 2021 Christmas Ad

Jenna Coleman delivers Christmas 2021 for Boots

The former Doctor Who and Victoria actress dispenses gifts with a suspiciously TARDIS-like bag.  ‘Tis the season for the big brands to push their festive wares with tinsel themed adverts. This year, Boots have enlisted Jenna Coleman to front their ‘Bags of Joy’ campaign in a three-minute short film. Jenna stars as ‘Joy’, whose capacious … >

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What are the ‘Merlin’ cast doing now?

Since Merlin cast his last spell in 2012 and walked off into history, you may have been feeling a little bereft. Atlantis tried to fill a gap but was sadly cut down before it finished telling its tale. At least we can console ourselves that many of the Camelot crew have gone on to other … >

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