Night of the Doctor - Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor

Watch 5 of the Eighth Doctor’s best moments in ‘Doctor Who’

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We’ve picked out five of Doctor Who‘s best moments featuring the Eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann on screen in 1996 and 2013…


The Seventh Doctor regenerates into the Eighth Doctor as a hospital orderly watches Frankenstein in ‘The TV Movie’


The Doctor, hanging out with the surgeon who accidentally killed him the night before, starts name dropping in ‘The TV Movie’


After being similarly interested in shoes (but considerably less outgoing) in ‘Spearhead from Space’, the Doctor tries again in ‘The TV Movie’


The motorbike chase in ‘The TV Movie’


The Eighth Doctor regenerates into The War Doctor in ‘Night of The Doctor’


What’s your favourite Eighth Doctor moment? Let us know below…