Lucifer season 6 episode 3 Yabba Dabba Do Me

Yabba Dabba Do Me — spoilers (mild) for that Lucifer episode

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Since the Lucifer season 6 trailers, there has been a lot of fan speculation, with Yabba Dabba Do Me gathering more than most

The Lucifer season 6 trailer has plenty of WOW! moments, but perhaps one of the biggest is the animated section (see above, or just rewatch the trailer!) When the animated segment appeared, and fans began to process just what was going on, one episode sprang to the front of the queue — episode 3, Yabba Dabba Do Me. Yes, it’s a reference to the Flintstonesso at least there’s a title link to an animated series.

Season 5 had the musical episode Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam, but this tops even that for novelty. After all, other series including Buffy, Once Upon a Time and Magicians have all gone musical, but how many went animated?

First a digression

Thanks to a Collider interview with showrunner Joe Henderson, we learn the animated sequence is by the team responsible for Harley Quinn, led by Jennifer Coyle. The piece covers Looney Tunes and more, so is worth a read.

But how can Chloe and Lucifer be animated in Yabba Dabba Do Me?

Ignoring ‘Lucifer is God so anything goes’ ideas, and as far as we know, season 6 is about adjusting to the idea of being God, not jumping in fully fledged, something else is happening. A spoiler image on the official Lucifer Reddit (and shared by @neuralcluster on Twitter) makes things clear. We’ll do a two-part reveal; first this:

Lucifer Spoiler 1
Big devil figure, people sat on wooden seats in a glade… hang on, wasn’t there…

Lucifer Spoiler 2 …this scene in the Pilot episode? Don’t we already know (from other rumours) Jimmy Barnes is set to return. This is his wedding; Jimmy was last seen bashing his head (graphically) on a perspex screen shouting ‘He’s the DEVIL’ — what if this is his Hell Loop?

We know Chloe goes to Hell with Lucifer, and assume this is to help Dan more on from his own Hell Loop. What if there’s unfinished business with Jimmy who has become deranged following Lucifer’s punishment? It all makes a kind of sense.

This makes episode 3 be the one about Dan, we assume episode 1 is all about avoiding embracing the role of God, Chloe moving on from being a Detective and setting wheels in motion for the season. It’s reasonable to assume he’d go to held Dan sooner than later, and episode 3 is probably late enough.

We’ll all know on September 10!