An overview of clips and images for Doctor Who: Rogue

Some clips from the sixth episode of the Doctor Who 2024 series, Rogue, were released on official media.

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and “Lady Ruby Sunday of the Notting Hill Estate” (Millie Gibson) crash the Duchess of Pemberton’s (Indira Varma) ball in 1813 Bath. The ball is the highlight of the season, where the cream of Regency society gather to dance, gossip and flirt. The Doctor and Ruby are having a wonderful time dancing and mingling, but not everyone is who they seem to be. There’s a dessicated corpse in the shrubbery. Above the crowd, the Doctor spots mysterious bounty hunter called Rogue (Jonathan Groff), who is about to change the Doctor’s life forever.

There is a grand ball at the Pemberton Estate. Two ball guests, Lord Galpin (Maxim Ays) and Lord Barton (Paul Forman) are having a contentious discussion about a lady’s honour outside the ballroom. Violence is threatened. Who prevails?

The Doctor and Ruby are having a literal ball. They meet their noble host, the Duchess of Pemberton, who is delighted to receive newcomers.

The Doctor scans the scene with his sonic screwdriver and soon sets his eyes on a mysterious gentleman surveying the crowd from a balcony above the ballroom. He joins Rogue on the balcony. Rogue suggests that they step outside.

Ruby is introduced to Lord Barton.

On the grounds of the estate, Rogue, who is revealed to be a bounty hunter, points a gun at the Doctor and says, “There’s a Chuldur at work on this planet and I’ve been paid good money to find you.” The Doctor and Rogue enter a spaceship. The Doctor is scanned.

Ruby wanders in to the library and hears voices behind the books. She accidentally comes upon Lord Barton and Emily Beckett (Camilla Aiko) having a tête-à-tête and exclaims, “This is so Bridgerton!” Ruby finds reason to employ a book as a missile.

The Doctor and Rogue discover the Chulder when Miss Talbot (Nancy Brabin-Platt), the Duchess and the Butler (Ashley Campbell) transform into humanoid birds of prey.

Ruby spends some time consoling Emily, who is concerned that dishonour will ruin her marriageability. Emily says to Ruby “You are wild, brave and rude.”

The Doctor and Rogue enjoy a pas de deux in the ballroom.

The Chulder return to the ballroom in their true form.

The Duchess proposes a wedding, likely between Ruby and Lord Barton, now revealed to be a Chuldur

A tragedy ensues. There is a showdown.

Alien tech appears inside the grand house.

The Doctor and Ruby discuss their adventure.

Written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman and directed by Ben Chessell, Rogue will stream on 8 June 2024 midnight, 00:00 BST (7 June 7:00pm ET) on BBC iPlayer in the UK and Ireland and Disney+ everywhere else, where available. Rogue will also broadcast on BBC One in the UK on 8 June at 6:45pm. On the two subsequent Saturdays, the two-part finale episodes The Legend of Ruby Sunday and Empire of Death will stream on iPlayer and Disney+.