Cybermen – The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection

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The metal men from Mondas are getting their own collected volume of comic adventures. 

As with his other famous foes, the Cyberman have featured frequently in the Doctor’s comic strip exploits over the years.

Now, all those adventures come together in a bumper-sized volume from the Doctor Who Magazine publisher Panini, out this September.

Cybermen: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection cover

Cybermen – The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection

Humanoids who rejected the weakness of flesh and blood millennia ago, the Cybermen are deadly armored warriors driven by cold logic! Across the stars, they have waged cyber-war on a thousand worlds, eager for more organic beings they can convert into obedient soldiers of the Cyber-Empire! Inside this epic collection, you can discover all of the Doctor’s incredible encounters with this unrelenting foe, taken from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

Featuring stories created by some of the very best British comic artist and writers, this volumes includes a comprehensive appendix featuring contributions and commentary from the artists and writers, plus a wealth of other behind-the scenes details. Contains over 20 comic strip adventures, including digitally remastered classic tales that have never been reprinted.

The book is a weighty volume, covering all the Cybermen strips from DWM, as well as previously uncollected back-up strips from Doctor Who Weekly. There’s also new commentaries from Doctor Who comics archivist Paul Scoones.

At 380 pages, its RRP is a princely £34.99 – although online retailers are undercutting that price.

Cybermen – The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection is due out on September 1st, 2023 and available for pre-order from WHSmith and Amazon UK.