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The Daleks Bookazine: Classic ‘TV Century 21’ Daleks comics restored

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Released this week, the latest of Doctor Who Magazine‘s “Bookazine” specials is rather special indeed. Rather than focussing on the televised Doctor Who, it features reprints of the Dalek comic strips from TV Century 21.

First published between 1965 and 1967, The Daleks comic strips were devised by Terry Nation and largely written by David Whitaker, with illustrations by Richard Jennings, Eric Eden and Ron Turner. Freed from the Doctor, these stories told of the Daleks’ creation and saw them first take to the skies. While some were later contradicted on screen, many of the ideas proved highly influential to later Dalek stories. David Whitaker, of course, had plenty of experience with Skaro’s finest, as Doctor Who‘s first story editor.

In this new bookazine, billed as “the ultimate collectors’ edition”, all of the 104 strips have been digitally restored. Now looking frankly glorious, they are accompanied by a six-page feature on the creators, including a detailed archive interview with artist Ron Turner.

DWM Editor Marcus Hearn says:

“This is the fulfilment of a long-held ambition. I loved this strip as a child and now – having seen the stunning restoration by DWM art editor Peri Godbold and her team – I admire it even more. You can’t really say The Daleks has been restored to its former glory, because I think it now looks better than it’s ever looked before.”

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With the Daleks also busy taking over YouTube, thanks to their Time Lord Victorious exploits, we recommend taking a step back in time to explore some of the stories and imagery which inspired it.

The Daleks is on sale through WHSmith and in selected supermarkets, priced £9.99, as well as from Forbidden Planet and Panini online. Additionally, it is available as a digital download from PocketMags for £8.99.