Doctor Who Series 11: gender, race issues in historical episodes

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The issues of gender, and likely race, will undoubtedly come up in historical episodes of Doctor Who Series 11, as it relates personally to the Doctor and her companions, according to Chris Chibnall in the October issue of SFX magazine:

“Yeah, I think particularly in the historicals ‒ if we’re doing historicals, which I’m sure we are ‒ obviously that then affects what happens to all these characters when you go to certain periods of history.”

According to filming reports, the series is rumoured to explore 1955 Montgomery Alabama and the events that lead to the civil rights bus boycott which successfully ended racial segregation of seating on buses.

Alan Cumming stated on the Homo Sapiens podcast that he would play King James I of England in an episode of Doctor Who. A mystery actor with a similar slender frame was hilariously captured in a photograph, disguised in a plague mask (possibly one of the props), during the third filming block at a filming base near Little Woodham in in Gosport, a recreation of a 17th century village used during Doctor Who Series 11 location filming. King James personally supervised the torture of women who were accused of witchcraft and at least one of the actresses in the same filming block was cast as a “The Mud Witch”.

The was also some filming in Granada province, Spain involving a wooden cart pulled by oxen.

The October issue of SFX Magazine hits newsstands today.