Doctor Who Series 13: possible Crimean War filming

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Recent Doctor Who Series 13 filming information and photos suggest the first block of filming features the Crimean War and Mary Seacole, the British-Jamaican nurse who set up the “British Hotel” behind the battle lines for wounded servicemen.

Sara Powell has a credit for portraying Mary Seacole in a Doctor Who block directed by Jamie Stone.

Mary Seacole

Some photos from Block 1 filming from the second two weeks of November have surfaced which show a battlefield with British uniforms from the era. The person who took the photo below is fairly certain she spotted Mandip Gill at the location. Jodie Whittaker was also spotted by several of the onlookers.

Other photos show the TARDIS, some battlefield tents, a cabin and some unidentified props.

There were also night shoots at the same location. one involved and explosion and the TARDIS. There is a video in the second click on this Instagram post:

The saved Instagram story regarding the above post states, “They were filming an explosion scene. Jodie [Whittaker] and two others dressed in period outfits were there, and one was thrown to the ground due to an explosion! I also heard Jodie shout something about retreating.”

The person who took the photo below from the same location stated on their post that the aliens in the photo are Sontarans.

Posted by Ieuan Evans on Thursday, November 19, 2020

Though this alleged Crimean War episode is in production in the first filming block, the episode number is not yet known nor is it known when Series 13 of Doctor Who will air.

The next episode of Doctor Who is the special Revolution of the Daleks, which will air sometime during the festive season this winter.