Bridgerton marches on in number 1 position

Bridgerton marches on as the most watched show w/e 24 Jan

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The Nielsen figures for (US) streaming show Bridgerton marches on at the top once more

Last time we looked at the Nielsens, the news was WandaVision joining the Mandalorian as Disney+ had two top ten entries. The news is not so good for Disney+ this week, and if you look at the table (below) you’ll see Bridgerton continues to lead the pack. The numbers are courtesy of Nielsen and we’ve added new columns showing last week’s totals and the number of millions of minutes divided by the number of episodes. This acts as a proxy measure (the P number) for the number of viewers in the absence of more specific data (and doesn’t cater for episode being wildly different in length — we’ll keep it in mind for a future update.)

Figures for the week of January 18-24, 2021

Position Who Title Episodes Minutes (millions) Last week’s minutes P number
1 Netflix Bridgerton 8 1,061 1,386 133
2 Netflix Cobra Kai 30 727 1,005 24
3 Netflix Night Stalker 4 727 867 182
4 Netflix Fate: The Winx Saga 8 670 N/A 84
5 Netflix Bling Empire 8 425 N/A 53
6 Netflix Disenchantment 30 394 401 13
7 Disney+ WandaVision 3 376 434 125
8 Netflix Camp Cretaceous 16 374 N/A 23
9 Netflix The Crown 40 338 394 8.5
10 Netflix Lupin 5 322 494 64

What does it all mean?

We can’t over-analyse; a show like WandaVision is still being released and we don’t know if everyone is watching just the latest or a mix of viewers and episodes. It’s still possible to make some conclusions. Numbers are lower this week, but people may just be watching shows lower down the chart. Big drops for the top two (Bridgerton and Cobra Kai) and Lupin may be about to drop out. The Crown is holding steady and a few other titles are still showing well. Notice how our P number varies and suggest Night Stalker actually attracts more viewers.

As to WandaVision it’s down one place and is the sole Disney+ representative. We will track this over the next few weeks (while we try and make sense of today’s Fourth Wall episode and that reveal).

These numbers do suggest why Fate: The Winx Saga has been given its season two. In the final analysis Bridgerton marches on and we expect it to repeat the feet for a week or two yet. We’ll keep you posted.